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Price: $2500+
Development Timeline: 6 weeks

A government web site not only provides visitors with substantial and timely information, but also creates an image of the local or regional authority or any other governmental organization in the minds of people from different countries. Alierra Web Design Company is able to develop a solid design and efficient functionality, which allows managing great volumes of information and establishing an effective interaction with the audience.

Basic features:
  • A professionally designed website with unlimited text and photos (up to 200 pages)
  • Clear navigation and compelling layout. Custom made graphics
  • Logo Design
  • Splash page design
  • Optimization of the images to reduce the load time
  • PHP4 programming with relational MySQL 4.0.20 database, database driven HTML templates; operational system - Linux
  • Increased security (Strict Data Validation, Data Separation, HTTPS)
  • Content Management Solution (CMS) allows you to take control of your website from anywhere with an Internet connection. You will be able to easily manage and update any kind of your site content (edit texts, upload images and photos, add/delete/rename new categories, sub-categories and even pages). CMS empowers you to make your site more dynamic and up-to-date with no Web programming knowledge necessary
  • Multiple administration levels give the flexibility to assign appropriate levels of permissions to each staff member.
  • Members Areas Programming. We create members areas with login/registration, which allow only certain users to login and gain access to secure/protected information
  • E-mail notification, newsletters programming
  • News and Events modules allows the admin to add/edit/delete news and events.
  • Search within the site, search for news and events.
  • Several language versions with an ability to administrate each version separately
  • Menu editing tool enables the admin to create a multi-level menu
  • Message Boards
  • Browser testing: making your site look consistent across various browsers. Testing your site in different screen resolutions
  • Usability testing (It will allow to discover problems in user interface and create a website that functions in a way users expect it to)
  • Statistics Module lets you view site traffic statistics such as, the number of visitors you've had and what browsers they were using to view your site. The statistics about the usage of your site also includes the length per stay, information whether you are receiving referrals from other web sites and search engines, etc. Please note that Statistics Module is a feature which goes with the Cpanel of the hosting account we offer
  • Software backup and recovery solution (it will allow you to restore the database if it is hacked or defaced). Please note that Software Module is a feature which goes with the Cpanel of the hosting account we offer
  • Basic optimization of the home page (basic keywords optimization/submission to the major search engines)
  • FREE Bug-fixing and trouble-shooting assistance (6 months)
  • FREE Unlimited e-mail consultation


The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Japan

The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Japan's website provides the latest information about the activities of the Embassy and contains extensive information about the Netherlands and Japan. English and Japanese versions as well as a section in Dutch are available for visitor's convenience.

Corporate Solution
$ 1295
E-commerce Premium
$ 2195
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